Sermon Nov 8 2014

Miriam has wanted to be a Rabbi since her teens but had to wait until the summer of 2006 to receive s’micha – her Rabbinic ordination. Before that she read Theology at the University of Bristol and then went onto study at the Hebrew union College in Jerusalem. It was only then that she began her training to become a Rabbi at Leo Baeck College in London. Having spent her final year as a student Rabbi for Finchley Reform Synagogue, we were delighted when she stayed on to take up the post of Rabbi. But, luckily for us, FRS’s relationship with Rabbi Miriam hasn’t stopped there.

‘In 2008 I was thrilled when my role at the synagogue changed from associate to Principal Rabbi,’ says Rabbi Miriam. ‘And I am relishing the opportunity of working with such an exciting and vibrant community. Luckily my wonderful husband, Jonni, who l married in 2008, understands what an all encompassing role the rabbinate is and the extent to which the community and synagogue is intertwined in our lives.’
It’s now possible to watch Rabbi Miriam’s talk as she sets out her dream and vision of Judaism.

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