Watch Online

FRS stream our festival services, our weekly Friday night service at 6.30pm as well as our Shabbat morning service at 10.30am.  Some weeks this may include a community Simcha like Bnei Mitzvah or baby blessings and other times this may be our family service Rhythm ‘n’ Jews.  Tune in to see what is going on at FRS this Shabbat and be part of the community from the comfort of your own home.

All you need is a computer or mobile device (tablet or phone) with a  broadband/Wi-Fi* connection and you can watch the stream wherever you are.

* If you’re watching on a phone, please use a Wi-Fi connection, as streaming over a data network could exceed your data allowance.

We hope that you will notice something different about our stream. We are delighted to have been able to upgrade our streaming infrastructure so that your viewing experience of our services is now much clearer. Hopefully you will now feel that you are truly in the synagogue with us and that you will be able to see some familiar faces much more clearly! If you feel able to make a donation towards the cost of this upgrade, that would be really lovely and helpful. Donations can be made here.

Please complete a simple form below before watching the live video stream