Seasonal Thoughts

As autumn gathers its mists and mellow fruitfulness, my thoughts are still with this extraordinary summer we lived through. And I have - a seasonal Jewish theme – a confession to make. Although I love sport, I was an Olympic sceptic. … Continue reading

Sermon 17 September 2012

An old mate of mine, Harold, a former member of this synagogue who defected to the Masorti for family reasons, is a retired solicitor, male chauvinist and self-confessed descendant of Romanian horse thieves. In recent years Harold has been reduced … Continue reading

On the cusp of the New Year

As I move this evening into the New Year, 5773 in that ancient poetic tradition of the Jewish people, I think of the names this day of Rosh Hashanah has accrued to itself over the generations. Yom Ha-Zikkaron – the … Continue reading