Limmud on 1 Leg: Parashat Beshallach

Limmud on 1 Leg: Parashat Beshallach (Cantor Zoe Jacobs) I have to acknowledge my infatuation with this week’s parashah, Beshallach. That might seem obvious – it is the eponymous parsha for Shabbat Shira, and I am a cantor after all! … Continue reading

Sermon 16 January 2015

On Sunday I wanted to be glued to my television or on a train to Paris. I wanted to be part of a positive expression of peoplehood. In a moment when people could have been too scared to be out … Continue reading

Sermon 10 Jan 2015

I am sad and confused.  Every time I tried to articulate it, to comment on it and make sense of it, something else comes to light or another atrocity is perpetrated and I am plunged back into a blank piece … Continue reading

Recruiting Kochavim Teachers

Are you a dynamic, creative religion school teacher? FRS is looking for 2 energetic, skilled teachers who are interested in working with the Head of Kochavim (FRS’s religion school) to create 2 exciting new courses. One course will be an … Continue reading