Sermon 27 June 2015

In these next 6 months, the fate of our children and grandchildren, along with the fate of several billion other families on this planet will be sealed. It won’t of course feel like that – life will go on into … Continue reading

Sermon 30 May 2015

I expect you saw about 10 days ago – either on TV or in the newspapers – that historic 13 second encounter between Prince Charles, his ever-so-English cup of tea balanced precariously in his non-outstretched hand, shaking hands with Gerry … Continue reading

Sermon 9 May

I noticed in this run up to the election that all sorts of new “cheat’s way to being an educated voter” seemed rife.  No need to read through manifestos or commentary in the newspapers, there were all sorts of websites … Continue reading

Sermon 2 May 2015

Maisie [our Bat Mitzvah] certainly had a daunting text to think about, the kind of text that gives the Hebrew Bible such a bad press in some quarters. It’s the kind of text that when you first hear it – … Continue reading