B’nei Mitzvot Twinning

Twinning a bar or bat Mitzvah is a very special Mitzvah. It offers many possibilites. It enables the bar/bat Mitzvah child here in the UK to understand how very different life is in Belarus to here in the UK. It makes it very real to understand how there, there is very little is available in terms of Jewish community. With one progressive Rabbi in the whole of Belarus, and no funding to pay for Hebrew teachers, rent or resources, it is close to impossible to exist there as a Jewish community, but the FRS-Polotsk twinning makes that impossible possible!. FRS is helping the Polotsk Jewish Communty to grow and develop and to find ways to become, in part if not at some point fully, self-sufficient. Through the b’nei mitzvot twinning, support through sponsorship helps a great deal as part of the self-sufficiency program. To sponsor a bar/bat Mitzvah partner there, helps to pay for Hebrew lessons, for the resources and for the space in which they can learn. It also enables friendships to grow. It is a fantastic program, equally fulfilling for both partners, great fun and hugely educational all round.



In May 2012, Sergey, Katya, Lena and Ann had their bar and bat mitzvahs in Polotsk. They had worked very hard with Galina their teacher. Katya and Lena were also twinned with Dawn who lives in London and they had been writing to each other over the course of the last two months. Dawn and her family even decided to go out and visit Lena and Katya in March this year which was an amazing experience for everyone. Dawn spoke about her visit and the impact it had on her at her own bat Mitzvah. Sergey, Lena, Katya and Ann have all pledged to continue to give their time to help the Polotsk Jewish Community to grow and develop and they send their heartfelt thanks to the FRS community for helping to make this all possible for them.

Bar Mitzvah twinning is a wonderful experience and a fantastically worthwhile project to be involved in. For more information please contact the FRS office.