Chanukah 2017/5778

Happy Chanukah!

Visit this page every evening from Tuesday 12 December until Tuesday 19 December to watch our nightly Chanucasts – online candle lighting at 6.30pm

FRS Chanucast 2017: 6th Night with the Blooms

FRS Chanucast 2017: 5th Night with Jon Freedman

FRS Chanucast 2017: 4th Night, Shabbat  Chanukah

Tonight’s candle lighting will be streamed live as part of our Friday Night Kabbalat Shabbat service.

Follow this link, complete a short form and you will be able to watch the service live from 6.30pm

FRS Chanucast 2017: 3rd Night with Rabbi Danny Newman

FRS Chanucast 2017: 2nd Night with Rabbi Howard Cooper

FRS Chanucast 2017: 1st Night with Rabbi Miriam Berger