Our Special Relationship With The Town of Uhrineves

Mrs Libuse Votavova, a retired school teacher and David Rose, have built bridges between the town of Uhrineves and FRS. Since 1999 a rich relationship has developed with the townspeople of Uhrineves and there have been many successful cultural exchanges.

In October 2000 a memorial was erected on the outside of the former synagogue building. In November 2001 the Uhrineves children’s choir, Jiskricka Choir came to Finchley for a series of performances of Brundibar “Bumble Bee”, the children’s operetta by Frans Krasa.

In 2002 the town put on a concert and prepared a display about the Jewish community to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the deportation of the Jewish community to Terezin in September 1942. More recently, In September 2012 a group of FRS member travelled to Uhrineves to mark the 70th anniversary of the deportation.

Libuse Votavova in front of a display marking the 60th anniversary of the transportations in 2004



Unveiling of the plaque on the front of the former synagogue building in Uhrineves 


Jiskricka Childrens’ choir from Uhrineves performing Brundibar at FRS religion school in 2003


Rabbi Howard Cooper Leading A 70th Anniversary Memorial Service In The Uhrineves  Jewish Cemetery on 12 September 2012