Uhrineves is a small town approximately 15 miles south east of Prague . Jews have lived in the area of the town since the 16th century. The oldest stone in the cemetery is dated 1719. The synagogue building is from the mid 19th century. The Uhrineves community originally owned 7 scrolls. The community had a full time Rabbi and a small school operated for a short period. The Jewish Community ceased to exist on 12th September 1942 (Cruelly, the 1st Day of Rosh Hashanah) when the majority of the 392 Jews were deported to Terezin. There were only a handful of survivors.

Today there are just 2 or 3 Jews living in Uhrineves. The synagogue building belongs to the Prague Jewish Community but it is let to a commercial firm as a showroom.


Uhrineves Synagogue Exterior