High Holy Day Appeal 2019

As 2018 was the last year of the previous three-year cycle, and because of the importance of the Building Appeal, we have decided on a different approach this year.

This year, we have committed to support three charities, each with a particular significance for FRS:

  • The “Eighth Rung” – an exciting new social action initiative which is running alongside our Building Appeal and which recognizes our responsibility to our close neighbours.
  • The FRS Belarus Project (The Together Plan) – which allows us to continue to support our twinned communities in Belarus
  • FRS Tzedakah – which means we can respond to urgent calls for help from a variety of local and international appeals

The Eighth Rung

FRS already provides a lot of support for homeless people in Barnet, including our weekly winter shelter and the Xmas Shelter. Now it is time to take a step further. According to Maimonides, the eighth and highest form of charity, the eighth rung, is to help someone to become self-sufficient so that it is unnecessary for them to be dependent on others. Through the Eighth Rung fundraising,  we plan to promote work with some of our homeless clients  to help them find accommodation, employment and skills. Depending on the funds raised, this could be a range of options including;

  • funding a health worker or housing officer
  • setting up a business to employ the clients, or
  • provision of housing.

This is an opportunity to take our next step in helping to eliminate homelessness in Barnet.

The FRS Belarus Project (The Together Plan)

The FRS Belarus Project has, since its inception 10 years ago, been and continues to be an inspirational model of community engagement, support and development. It offers a totally unique model of community building within the Former Soviet Union, and has facilitated community opportunities both at FRS and in Polotsk in the north of Belarus. With the ongoing support of the FRS community the results have been truly ground-breaking, constant and ongoing.

Today the FRS Belarus Project partners with UK Charity The Together Plan to support the developments. Polotsk now celebrates Shabbat weekly and the festivals throughout the year. They have a vibrant Cheder,  community projects and support their elderly and vulnerable community members. They look after a Jewish cemetery that had been abandoned and forgotten, and there are now plans for the Polotsk community to initiate a Jewish heritage trail in the region.

The continued support of the FRS Belarus Project will enable the community in Polotsk to develop their work, build their heritage trail, continue to maintain the cemetery and to grow. This is a unique model showing that community in the former Soviet Union can have self-determination and capacity to grow their own programmes and be the guardians of the Jewish heritage in the region. Your support is vital. Thank you.

FRS Tzedakah Fund

The Tzedakah Group receives a proportion of amounts donated to the High Holy Appeal plus other sums specifically allocated by members. The group supports a number of charities mainly in response to appeals received by the Synagogue, usually with donations of £100 plus donations of larger amounts for emergencies and specific rabbinic requests. General guidelines for making distributions are

  1. Charities where a small donation will make a difference
  2. Charities where members of the community have a connection.
  3. Crisis in the world
  4. Jewish and Israeli charities that recognise Reform Judaism.

If any member has a specific request for a charity to support please do get in touch.

How do I donate?

You can either donate via Virgin Money Giving:

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Or you can deposit your funds directly into our High Holiday Appeal account:

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Account Name:           FRS HHDA
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