Council of Christians and Jews

FRS is a corporate member of the Council of Christians and Jews.  The CCJ works with Christian and Jewish communities to promote mutual understanding and combat prejudice and anti-Semitism.  Its primary focus is Jewish / Christian relations, but it seeks to relate positively to all of Britain’s faith communities.  Its experience of inter-religious dialogue enables it to make a vital contribution to community relations in contemporary British society.

The CCJ’s local group in Finchley organises a varied and stimulating programme of talks, visits and socials throughout the year, and has done so for over 50 years.  It maintains a constructive dialogue that values respecting the traditions and identities of each other, seeking to learn and share, and encouraging our own faith and practice, all with absolutely no suggestion of attempting to influence others with our own belief.  The group’s activities range from the cerebral, which includes discussions on current issues by leading Christian and Jewish theologians, to gatherings that are purely social and entertaining.  Its members visit local synagogue and church services, as well as places of interest further afield.  Visitors are always made welcome.

Most people would agree that Christian / Jewish relationships have greatly improved since 1942, when the CCJ was established.  While many factors have contributed to this, undoubtedly the Council has taken a major role in developing those relationships.  Please telephone the CCJ’s central office on 020 7015 5160 or visit its website for more information about its work nationally and in Finchley.