FRS Kindergarten is a warm and nurturing environment for your child. We are registered for 60 pre-school children.Please telephone the Kindergarten Head teacher, Catherine Levy, on 020 8445 6807 to find out how to register your child. For more information Click here

Kochavim Katanim - ages 4 and 5

A Jewish education programme for those who have just started in Reception, Kochavim Katan is a monthly event to prepare your child for participating and enrolling in Kochavim the following year. We celebrate festivals, and get the children involved in the Kochavim community spirit without adding to the weekly exhaustion of settling into school.

Kochavim ages 5-11 (school years 1-6)

Our new education programme is based around a system where children choose options of how they want to learn.  They are also introduced to Jewish prayer through regular Tefillah.  Class options range from Arts and Crafts to cookery, computer-based learning on Israel to drama.

All our education programmes are open to synagogue members only.

For more detail on our Kochavim programme please click here

Jewish Schools

Our local Jewish primary school is Akiva and our local cross-communal secondary school is the newly opened JCoSS. We support children who go to Jewish schools as much as those who don’t and we are willing to sign application forms for any member of the synagogue.

If you wish to apply for a Jewish Day School but are not a member of a synagogue, please contact our our synagogue manager to find out how a member of our clergy team can help with your application

For further information see on Jewish schools see

Views on Kochavim

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