Hebrew Reading: a Crash Course

This six-week course is aimed at complete beginners, and also those who would like to refresh their Hebrew reading skills.

Hagit Tal says:

“Hebrew is not just the language the text is written in. Hebrew captures the culture, traditions, and changes in Judaism over time. Therefore, I teach Hebrew as a Jewish subject, not just a language. Each letter we learn will expose you to more Jewish content.

First, we learn the letters Bet, Reish and Daled… Suddenly we can build word such as:
Hail – Barad
Cattle plague – Dever
Generation – Dor
Freedom – Dror
This opens a “door” to speak about the Ten Plagues, the story of Exodus from Egypt,and other stories that are the roots to our culture and tradition.

Please join us on a weekly adventure in the world of the Hebrew language!”


Cost: £7 per session or £35 for the 6-week course

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Applications close Monday 27 July

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