FRS OY! Open Yeshiva

Our Open Yeshiva (OY!) Returns for Ellul and the High Holidays

OY!, our novel and stimulating way to approach Jewish study for beginners and non-beginners using Jewish texts and sources, returns this Ellul and over the High Holiday period. The themes over four sessions will include Forgiveness, At-One-Ment and Teshuvah (returning to ourselves).


Session 1 – Sat 16 Sep, 9pm – 10pm: Led by Rabbi Danny Newman. How relevant is our communal viddui (confession)?

Session 2 – Please join us on either Sun 17 Sep or Mon 18 Sep, 8pm – 9.45pm: We will provide you with a booklet with various texts and questions to guide your conversations and explorations in facilitated groups.*

Session 3 – Please join us on either Sun 24 Sep or Mon 25 Sep, 8pm – 9.45 pm: We will continue with the format of session 2.*

Session 4 – Yom Kippur Afternoon, Sat 30 Sep at 4.30pm: A study and contemplation on forgiveness, led by Rabbi Danny Newman. We’ll spend half our time studying texts on forgiveness. The second half of the session will involve a guided contemplation (meditation) in which we will engage in a heart-centred forgiveness practice.

 Sessions 1,2 and 3 will take place at the Synagogue. Session 4 will take place at Allianz Park.


The aims of our Open Yeshiva (OY!) are:


  • To create a fun, passionate and engaging learning experience;
  • To make learning as accessible and inclusive as possible;
  • To explore classic and modern texts through a progressive lens and empower ourselves to learn more deeply;
  • To use traditional chavruta style learning which enables a deep engagement with the texts and relevant issues;
  • To uncover that which is hidden in the text (and ourselves) in order to give us insight into how we can walk the Jewish path today with wisdom, compassion and integrity – and how walking that path can help to heal the world around us.


Please contact Rabbi Danny Newman in the office if you have any questions, ideas or would like a chat. His email address is: “


* You are welcome to attend on both evenings. The subjects will be the same, but you may have a different experience studying with different people in a different group.


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