FRS Introduction to Talmud Study

Introduction to Talmud Study– 6 Week Course


This class is for those people who would like to take their first dip into the sea of Talmud or who already have a little experience of studying Talmud.

The Talmud (often translated as “learning”) blends Halachah (debates about law) and Aggadah (stories/lore/myth) in order to explain and expand on the often difficult passages of Torah.

That doesn’t mean that we, as Reform Jews, agree with those meanings or follow that Halachah. Rather, we see ourselves as in dialogue with Halachah when using responsible autonomy to make our own choices about how we live Jewishly.

We will start with the tractate of Bava Metzia: “Two people appear before a Court holding a garment. One says ‘I found it.’ The other says ‘I found it’. One of them says ‘It is all mine.’ The other says ‘It is all mine.’” What happens in the tractate describes how ownership of property – whether it is found, disputed, borrowed, lent, etc. – was decided.

We will look at the way that decisions were made and in what ways that might be meaningful for our lives today.

All texts will also be in English.

The course runs from 8.00pm-9.15pm on:

Wed 21 Feb
Thurs 8 March
Wed 14 March
Wed 21 March
Wed 28 March

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For more information please contact Rabbi Danny at: or on 020 8446 3244.

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