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What is the FRS Green Group about? Answer: first and foremost, simply to encourage all of us as individuals to do our bit for the environment. There’s a lot going on in the Jewish community with much guidance available.

Try looking at the Big Green Jewish website to find out what others are doing and, perhaps, to get some ideas to follow up.

Get involved in FRS’s Eco-Kashrut drive. Read Rabbi Howard Cooper’s article from a recent  ToL  ‘Eco-kashrut and FRS’. What does this mean in a practical sense? Here are some suggestions:

  • Choose Fair Trade products when you shop

  • Choose free range or organic when buying eggs, meat, vegetables and fruit

  • Choose food that minimizes the impact on the environment, for example locally grown seasonal food rather than exotic or out-of-season produce from afar

For more on these take a look at the email which the our Kindergarten Head recently sent out to all children’s parents - ‘Kindergarten ethical food’.

But this web page is to be principally about you. We want to hear what you have done and learn from it – whether at school if you’re that sort of age, or at home, or anywhere. Or perhaps there is something you would like to do but need to find some like-minded helpers. Just email your contribution to the synagogue office headed “For the FRS website’s Green page” and it will find its way on to this site.

Contributions so far:

"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"

Eco-Kashrut Recipe

Finally, we are working with the FRS Rebuild Project team to introduce as many eco-friendly options into our new building plans as are feasible and affordable. We recognise that this project  represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to enact some of the core ethical principles of progressive Judaism  - ‘Rebuilding Our Mishkan’.

Big Green Jewish Website

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