FRS Salon Israeli

The Israeli Salon (Israeli Lounge) is an Israeli phenomenon. Every Friday evening, amongst friends and family, Israelis sit together and discuss with passion (well… argue) about matters from everyday life to high politics.

FRS Salon Israeli is also the name of the FRS group that would like to bring Israel closer to you, letting you discuss why you love Israel, but also why sometimes you might feel a bit detached and even to argue within your FRS family.

We are hoping to make issues concerning Israeli society more accessible to FRS members and more relevant to their lives. Whether we like it or not, whether we want it or not, the political and social fabric of Israeli society influences us a community. We would like to explore together what that means and how we can and should deal with that - for good and for bad.

Throughout the year as we run various events, we will also be supporting Keren B’Kavod, the humanitarian arm of Progressive Judaism in Israel, FRS’s chosen Israel charity.

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