The God Confusion: Ten Day Scheme 5774


It’s not only high profile sceptics such as Richard Dawkins who ask tough questions about the whole God-concept. Plenty of people sitting in our High Holy Day services, even some joining in with gusto, do too.  This God, to whom we confess our sins, of whom we seek forgiveness and who we ask to be written into the Book of Life, is not an easy one in whom to put our faith. Why are we made to feel so wretched at this time? Does the God of our High Holy Days speak to us throughout the year? Does this God form a basis for a faith we can hold onto through good times and bad?  In order to help you with some of the most fundamental questions around faith we have put together a booklet of readings, texts, sources and questions to flick through, browse, study or debate.   Have a go on your own, with friends or family or come to our facilitated sessions.  Spend ten minutes on it or ten days; the material is all there for you to use as you wish. We hope it will give old and young alike the opportunity to ask and consider answers to some of the big High Holy Day questions.

“Do you believe in God?”

What is wrong with this question? To even begin to answer it, we must first examine what each of us means when we use the concept, ‘God.’ Each page in this book challenges us to address some of the biggest questions around belief in God.  Some questions are so familiar they almost feel like a cliché but until you have your own personal answer to them, an answer that works in one’s intellectual or rational mind as well as in those moments of pain and anguish, we have to challenge ourselves with the age-old questions.

These questions may be articulated differently at different times in our lives but we know they are issues pondered by every generation.  Whether aging has made you ask these questions differently or you are being challenged by your children to articulate the answers to their questions, there is material for you in this book.

Rabbi Miriam Berger, Cantor Zöe Jacobs, Rabbi Howard Cooper

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Join a facilitated discussion

You are invited to join members of our community at any of the following. To book for any of these sessions, please email

 Fri 6 Sep, 5.30pm: For young families, at the home of Suzi and Gary Philip; facilitated by Suzi & Rabbi Miriam. Includes a bring and share Friday night dinner.
 Sat 7 Sep, 3.00pm: Seudah Shlishit and Study for Years 10 to 13
 Sun 8 Sep, 8pm: At the home of John de Lange
 Mon 9 Sep, 8pm: At the home of Irene and John Kay
 Mon 9 Sep, 7.30pm: At FRS, before council meeting; facilitated by Hannah Jacobs. Join us for some study, you don’t have to stay for Council!
 Tue 10 Sep, 8pm: Young Adults study in the pub; facilitated by Debs Blausten
 Wed 11 Sep, 8pm: At the home of Diane and Alan Langleben
 Thu 12 Sep, 8pm: At FRS; facilitated by Rabbi Howard Cooper.
 Thu 12 Sep, 8pm: Students Session in the pub; facilitated by Sarah Grabiner and Debs Blausten.

Download your Ten Day Scheme study book

Ten Day Scheme Reflections #GodConfusion

Do your thoughts, feelings or actions express a belief in God? Reflections from our member Kalman Kafetz: "Rabbi Shai Held thinks that we cannot believe THAT God exists as this is contrary to all reasonable modern thought. We can believe IN God, which is to say that we can commit our lives to the life Jews derive from the idea of God, a life of loving and kindness. Believing in God ultimately means loving the stranger. So we show our belief in God not by what we feel or think but by what we do."