International Trips

There are some fantastic international opportunities available to our young people.These trips provide a great opportunity and unique experience for our teenagers to learn about Jewish communities outside of the UK and stay away from their parents!

Together with a number of other Reform synagogues, our teenagers can go on a European Community Trip, coordinated by RSY-Netzer. The trip is for Years 9 and 10 and this year will be going to Prague. Highlights include the Vltava River and the Charles Bridge, Looking for the Golem and visiting Altneushul and the Pinkhas synagogue.

As well as the community trips, there are other international experiences on offer, At the end of Year 11Israel calls for a month-long adventure. After the stress of GCSEs, what better way to spend your summer than on RSY-Netzer Israel Tour?

Click here to watch FRS’s very own Raef Commissar star in an RSY-Netzer Tour 2 video!

After Year 12 there is a chance of visit our twin community in Polotsk, Belarus. To find out more about our Youth 4 Youth twinning project, click here.

If you are thinking about a gap year after school/college, check out Shnat Netzer, RSY-Netzer's unique 8 month gap year programme in Israel. Have a look on the RSY-Netzer and Netzer Olami websites for more details.

FRS endeavours to ensure that no-one is excluded from FRS activities due to financial reasons.

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