About the Kindergarten

We aim to provide a safe, caring and happy environment for pre-school children where they are encouraged to develop their own personalities and to acquire the knowledge and skills that they will require when they are ready to enter the next stage of their formal education.

We encourage them to be kind and helpful to others and give them opportunities to be creative and to join in with the many activities we provide.

The Kindergarten has a maximum of 60 children. We ensure our staff ratios are adequate at all times. All staff are fully qualified to work in a Kindergarten setting, or are in the process of gaining the necessary qualifications. The kindergarten is open from 9:15am to 12:15pm Monday to Friday during term times.

After the children have been at the Kindergarten for at one terms or when they are 3 years old, they are given the opportunity to stay three times a week until 2.45pm. These sessions enable staff to concentrate on extending the skills the children have already developed and allow the children to eat lunch with their peers, which helps prepare them for the school environment. An extra charge is made for these sessions.


Parental Involvement 

Close links between nursery school and parents are very important to the children's wellbeing and therefore we do our utmost to develop an effective partnership between home and the kindergarten.

Parental involvement is encouraged in the following ways:

  • Parents are encouraged to bring their children to visit us regularly in
    the term before they start.
  • Parents are encouraged to stay and settle in their" children when
    they start at the Kindergarten. The help of parents is welcomed in
    the Kindergarten.
  • There are three parent representatives on the Management Committee.
    Meetings are held once a term.
  • Coffee mornings are held each term to allow the parents to meet
    socially and talk to their representatives.
  • Parents are encouraged to be involved in fund-raising activities
    for the Kindergarten.

We invite parents to join us for festival celebrations each term.

Contact our Kindergarten

Emma Wohil
Head of Kindergarten
Telephone: 0208 445 6807

Investors in Children

Between January 2004 and July 2006, the kindergarten worked towards a Quality Assurance award, with ‘Investors in Children’ endorsement. We are very pleased that after having completed the Effective Early Learning Programme we have been awarded this accreditation valid for three years, now being recognised as an Investor in Children.

Kindergarten Video

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