The Kochavim vision

  • To create a strong sense of Jewish community for children and families

  • To make Judaism an integral part of our  members’  lives

  • To make Jewish learning a life long and enjoyable endeavour

What is Kochavim all about?

The education team at FRS have believed for a long time that Judaism cannot be a part of our lives for one part of the week only. Additionally we know that attending synagogue regularly, attending religion school, attending a Jewish Day school or going to clubs is no guarantee that your children will lead a Jewish life. Two siblings with the same upbringing can lead totally different Jewish lives. Kochavim is what we are hoping will be the bridge between the two; a way that your children can learn how to lead a Jewish life whilst familiarising themselves with the community and feeling as though they are part of it.

How can you be involved?

Although it is your children attending Kochavim by signing up to our system, you are a valuable part of it. There are several ways that you can be part of Kochavim from completing security duty, to supporting your child with completing their Hebrew homework, to simply helping them choose their options for the forthcoming year. Whatever way you choose, we want you to be partners in your child’s Jewish education.