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Exploring Spirituality

This is a monthly group for those who want to explore religious, spiritual and life themes on ait regular basis.  We take as our focus the word Shema, which we understand to mean not just ‘Hear’ but ‘Pay attention...’ to ourselves, to each other, and to the divine within us and between us. The group meets monthly from October to July. There will be 6 Thursdays and 4 Mondays, and each evening lasts from 8-10pm. Further information can be obtained from Rabbi Howard Cooper.


We, as Jews, often call ourselves "Yisra'el" - those who struggle with God, yet Midrashs uggests that the same word when vocalised differently can also be read "Yashir El" - God will sing. We are instruments of prayer, with a unique ability to sing praises to God's name. If you like to sing in harmony and rounds, this is the place for you! We get together monthly, learn multiple-part harmonies and melodies, and warm-up for the Shabbat morning service together. Shira music is learnt by ear (not by reading music) and no Hebrew skills are required. Shira runs from 9.15am-10.15am on select Shabbat mornings. To see and hear what else is happening musically at FRS, click here


This monthly study session before the service at 9.15am on a Saturday morning gives you the chance to grapple with the Torah reading for that week. It is often led by members of the community as well as the clergy team and gives a greater depth to the Torah service which follows


FRS is fortunate to be part of a dynamic London Jewish community and we pride ourselves on keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s happening.  So, we regularly advertise to the best of what is going on locally so you never have to miss out.  FRS takes groups to events at the LJCC (London Jewish Cultural Centre), The London Jewish Film Festival, Jewish Book Week, or the JCC (Jewish Community Centre). Never feel you have to get there alone, be part of the FRS group and don’t walk in on your own!

Conversion and Dual Heritage Relationships

FRS welcomes everyone and endeavours to make each person feel comfortable in the community.  As a way of recognising an increasing number of families and couples where not everyone is Jewish, we have a category of membership - “Friends” of FRS.  This is particularly for non-Jews so they are able to make a commitment to their partner or family’s Jewish lives without converting.  We are able to work with non-Jewish parents who want to bring their children up as Jewish.

We also have a comprehensive conversion course which equips those who want to become Jewish with the necessary tools and knowledge.

Hebrew Lessons

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Seasonal Learning

 Throughout the year we will run one off or short courses on all sorts of subjects, from Jewish parenting or ageing to Talmud study. Look out for these courses to see if they are subjects which will entice you to learn.

Listen as you Learn

Admitting we don’t know something as adults can be difficult.  For example, suddenly realising that you don’t have the knowledge to say the Kaddish at a parent’s funeral can, at times, be distressing and the learning process feel embarrassing.

We understand this and therefore are building up a resource of material which you can listen to, and learn, from the privacy of your own home.  If there is something you would like to include, please drop an email to Rabbi Miriam.

Exploring Spirituality

The FRS ‘Exploring Spirituality’ programme started 18 years ago and is now an established part of FRS religious life. This year it will consist of a monthly evening Group that will run from October to July. There will be 6 Thursdays and 4 Mondays, and each evening lasts from 8-10pm. Details of 2013/2014 programme


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