Sermon 21st July 2018 – Rabbi Howard Cooper

FRS SERMON July 21 2018

I want to talk about something difficult today: hatred. It’s one of the most powerful emotions in the human heart, it is a universal experience, and as old as humanity,  and it has the capacity to make toxic everything it touches: personal relationships, family relationships, communal relationships, national and international relationships, relationships between ethnic groups and within ethnic groups, relationships between religions and within religions, relationships between men and women, relationships between political groupings and within political parties – there is no area of human life spared the debilitating and destructive nature of hatred. Even within an individual, hatred doesn’t need an external target, because we can experience hatred of oneself, or parts of oneself: and that can be conscious – I hate the way I look, I hate the way my voice sounds, I hate myself when I fail to achieve what I set out to do, I hate myself for having so much hatred in me – or it can be unconscious.

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