Family Services

Kuddle-Up Shabbat

From 4.15 to 5.00pm every Friday we get ready for Shabbat like only under 5's can. We sing and dance, tell stories, say the blessings and then the moment that all the children seem to look forward to, we get to eat some challah!

Rhythm 'n' Jews

Join us once a month at 11.00am on a Shabbat morning for Rhythm 'n' Jews - our musical cross-generational service for all - grandparents, parents, children, couples, empty-nesters... it really is for EVERYONE.  Join our band of instrumentalists and singers as we sing our way through the service. We include a short, lively Torah service, but no sermon. Everyone is welcome, and those under the age of B'nei Mitzvah are encouraged to bring their parents along. If you'd like to learn the music of Rhythm 'n' Jews, call the office and ask about our CD. You can play us through your ipods, put us in the car, and even take us on holiday!  Coffee and tea is available from 10.30 for those who would like to come early and chat.

Click here for forthcoming dates of Rhythm 'n' Jews services

What the Rhythm 'n' Jews Band say about Rhythm 'n' Jews

"I would say that for me being in R n J is about contributing to making Shabbat meaningful, relevant, upbeat, and enjoyable for everyone who comes along to take part - in the band or in the congregation. It's about ritual and music and community in a very Reform Jewish and spiritual way. For me its also about making new friends, singing and having fun."

"For me it's how I imagine it must be to grow up in a really big family: wonderful, chaotic, loads of fun, and the constant fear of being told off.  I've met some wonderful people I wouldn't otherwise have met, and there's something special about making music with other people. And hey – it gets me into shul!"

"For me it is about making traditions for the younger generation who will grow up with a sense of community and belonging. And having a really good time playing with the band at the same time."

"For me it's the buzz. There's a real sense of anticipation in the lead up to an RnJ service: Kids are genuinely excited to be there; adults are wondering what creative way Miriam will bring that week's Parsha to life;  grandparents are loving being in shul with their grandkids. There's such an amazing sense of family and community all bound up together."

"For me playing music is a wonderful way to relieve the stress that is part of modern life. To be able to that in a 'spiritual' environment is a bonus especially when so many of our congregation enjoys what we do. R'n'J, as it is said, comes out a little different every time and that's a good thing. Our band is ever-growing - another good thing. Our singers and musicians are a talented lot and a great bunch of people. Let's hope it lasts for many years to come."

"I'd say it's a lovely thing to watch young people particularly having a positive, fun experience of synagogue and Judaism, and also having the opportunity to do something a bit creative for a change!"

  • "An uplifting experience for the band and the congregation
  • it gives the band members a connection with the shul . Especially those whose kids have flown the nest
  • it taps into people's musical skills and utilises them in a shul experience
  • it even gives some of the band members a spiritual experience that they don't normally get!
  • you can't help but have a feel good experience as long as you don't mind a bit of noise."


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