Ten Day Scheme 5775

The Cerebral and The Creative


So what actually is Reform Judaism and what does it stand for?

Finally the Reform Movement are going to tell us! President of the Reform MovementRabbi Tony Bayfield has retired from his role running the organisation and has spent the last two years writing a book which will be the definitive response to those age old questions.  We have unprecedented access to first draft manuscripts which we have turned into our study booklet for this year’s 10 Day Scheme.

Our Ten Days Scheme booklet gives you an opportunity to think, reflect and prepare on the journey from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur. The texts, questions and creative ideas within the booklet can be explored with friends, family or by yourself.

There are two parts to this year’s Ten Days Scheme:

‘The Cerebral’ is a text-based exploration of Reform Judaism, using extracts from Rabbi Tony Bayfield’s manuscript of his not yet published book.

Click here to download your copy of ‘The Cerebral’.

‘The Creative’ offers different ways to engage with your Judaism through the Ten Days. Have fun with these imaginative ways of getting to grips with this time of year.

Click here to download your copy of ‘The Creative’

You can also pick up a booklet from FRS or Alexandra Palace.

“The Three Meanings of Torah” - Study Session at FRS
With Rabbi Professor Tony Bayfield, author of our Ten Days texts
Wednesday 1 October 2014, 8-10pm at FRS

We understand Torah in 3 distinct ways: the Five Books of Moses; the dual Torah of Rabbinic Judaism; and Torah as the whole of Jewish teaching.  What are the problems of authority and interpretation with each meaning? 

If you wish to attend, please email community@frsonline.org 


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