Tanakh Quiz

Tanakh Quiz Parshat Yitro

1 What is the third commandment?

2 What is the limit on the time that one can hold a slave before freeing him?

3 If a man steals an ox what restitution must he give to the owner?

4 What is the punishment for someone who strikes his father or mother?

5 What were  the names of the two sons of Moses?

6 .What were the Israelites told to do before they were to hear the word of God spoken to them from Mount Sinai?

7 What instructions are given for the construction of an altar.?

8 How did Jethro advise Moses to reduce his workload?

9 What reward is offered for those who honour their parents?

10 If someone gives his coat as a pledge for a debt how long can it be held?


Last week’s Tanakh Quiz Beshallach

1 Why did the Israelites camp at Elim?

2  What did Moses have to do to ensure that the Israelites succeeded in defeating the Amalakites?

3 Whose bones were taken out of Egypt by Moses?

4 How did Moses make  the bitter waters of Marah drinkable?

5 Why did the Israelites complain to Moses when they camped at Rephidim?

6 What did manna taste like?

7 How did Moses produce water for the Israelites to drink?

8 What food did God provide for the Israelites in the desert?

9 What musical instrument did Miriam play to accompany the womens singing and dancing?

10 How did Moses make a dry path through the sea for the Israelite to cross when escaping from Pharoah?

Beshallach Answers

1 Because there were twelve springs of water and seventy palm trees there  Chapter 16 verse 27

2 Hold his hands up. Chapter 17 verse 11

3 Joseph   Chapter 13 verse 19

4 He threw  a piece of wood, shown to him by God, into the water  Chapter 16 verse 25

5 Because there was no water for them to drink Chapter 17 verses I and 2

6 Like wafers in honey  Chapter 16 verse 31

7 By striking a rock with his stick   Chapter 17 verses 5 and 6

8 Quail. Chapter 16 verse 13

9 Timbrel  Chapter 15 verse 20

10 At Gods command he held out his stick in his outstretched arm.Chapter 14 verse 16