Union of Jewish Students

UJS is the umbrella organisation for Jewish Students. UJS’s work is divided into 5 main areas:

J-Socs: Almost every University has a J-Soc – Jewish Society – which provide things like Shabbat dinners, social events and educational sessions.

Campaigns: They try to ensure that the needs of Jewish students are met on every level.

Careers and Networking: They run a summer placement scheme and career networking events.

National Events: Hosting events such as the JUEFA Cup football tournament, Jewniversity Challenge and their student awards.

Services: Working with Hillel to offer Jewish student accommodation and Kosher food on campus.

Find out more about UJS and what is going on at your campus by looking at http://www.ujs.org.uk/

Become a member

  • Speak to a member of the team
  • Find out about attending a service
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