Mercy in Judaism

Listen to Rabbi Miriam in conversation with Rabbi Natan Levy as they discuss the concept of mercy in Judaism. This is part of The Catholic News’ celebration of Pope Francis’ Year of Mercy, in which they’ve focused on how other … Continue reading

Limmud on 1 Leg: Parashat Beshallach

Limmud on 1 Leg: Parashat Beshallach (Cantor Zoe Jacobs) I have to acknowledge my infatuation with this week’s parashah, Beshallach. That might seem obvious – it is the eponymous parsha for Shabbat Shira, and I am a cantor after all! … Continue reading

No photos of my pasta

I’m not photographing everything I’m eating and although I’ve lost a couple of pounds and its only day 3 I’m not starving. Does that mean its easy living on a £1 per day? No its tedious, boring and very unhealthy … Continue reading