FRS Sermon 4 November 2017 (Rabbi Howard Cooper)

You can’t have escaped it this week. The letter from David Lloyd George’s  Foreign Secretary to Anglo-Jewry’s leading representative was only 3 sentences long. But it set in motion a series of events which are still political dynamite today.  You … Continue reading

Kol Nidre 5778 – Rabbi Miriam Berger

Listen to the sermon given by Rabbi Miriam Berger on Kol Nidre followed by a setting of Ki Hinei Kachomer composed by Daniel Cainer and sung by Cantor Zöe Jacobs and Daniel Cainer.   The song written to accompany Rabbi … Continue reading

1st Day Rosh Hashana 5778 – Rabbi Tony Bayfield

FIRST DAY ROSH HASHANAH 5778,   THURSDAY, 21st SEPTEMBER 2017 FINCHLEY REFORM SYNAGOGUE   SARAH, BELONGING AND BETRAYAL “You really can’t be serious.” “But I am” “Please, please, don’t do it.” “I have to.” “But why?” “Because He told me to.” … Continue reading

Erev Rosh Hashana 5778 – Rabbi Miriam Berger

Erev Rosh Hashanah As my mum would have said its “narish”, trashy even, but don’t all the best novels that allow you to escape into a different world get accused of that?  One of my pool-side summer reads this year was Dave Eggers “The … Continue reading

FRS Sermon 17 June 2017 (Rabbi Howard Cooper)

As we saw in this week’s sedrah – and last week’s election –  leadership is a fraught business. Dissatisfaction is always round the corner, particularly if the leader is seen to be  a bit remote, as Moses was  always experienced … Continue reading