Shabbat Shemot 5780 – Rabbi Miriam Berger

Sermon 18th January 2019 It’s an Ofsted Report for an Orthodox Jewish school in Hertfordshire last January that summed up for me some of the challenges of Jewish institutions.  It sounds like one of those internet memes.  The parents see … Continue reading

Neilah 5780 – Rabbi Howard Cooper

Neilah 2019 In 1931, two pedestrians were knocked down by motor cars – either, or both, could easily have been killed. One, visiting New York, was Winston Churchill.  The other, in Munich, was Adolf Hitler. Their survival was random, as … Continue reading

Kol Nidre 5780 – Rabbi Miriam Berger

Listen to Rabbi Miriam Berger’s  Kol Nidre Sermon, followed by Cantor Zöe Jacobs and Mich Sampson singing Adonai Roi, composed by Debbie Friedman. Kol Nidre 5780 I remember my dream vividly from the night of October 27th, 2018, because I … Continue reading

2nd Day Rosh Hashana 5780 – Rabbi Howard Cooper

2nd Day Rosh Hashana 5780 It used to be said that when rabbis speak to their communities, they shouldn’t be political. Avoiding politics, they should talk about something more spiritual, more edifying, more…rabbinic. Maybe about Jewish values, or Jewish ethics, … Continue reading

1st Day Rosh Hashana 5780 – Rabbi Tony Bayfield

ROSH HASHANAH MORNING 5780 MONDAY 30th SEPTEMBER 2019   FINCHLEY REFORM SYNAGOGUE   I sat there in a state of growing intellectual and emotional conflict, oblivious of the closing pages of the music.  Shaking. Every year, the Bach Choir performs at … Continue reading