FRS Sermon 17 June 2017 (Rabbi Howard Cooper)

As we saw in this week’s sedrah – and last week’s election –  leadership is a fraught business. Dissatisfaction is always round the corner, particularly if the leader is seen to be  a bit remote, as Moses was  always experienced … Continue reading

#davka – Rabbi Miriam Berger

Sermon – Shabbat T’rumah – 4th March 2017 91 Jewish community centres in the USA have received over 100 bomb threats in the last few months. At least three Jewish cemeteries in the States have been vandalised and many Jewish schools … Continue reading

Trump Trilogy Part 3 – Rabbi Miriam Berger

Trump Trilogy Part 3 – Rabbi Miriam Berger Sermon – 28th January 2017 – Shabbat Va-aeira It’s turned into a trilogy: two weeks ago we had the parallel words of Obama’s farewell speech alongside the patriarch Jacob’s dying words. Last week … Continue reading