Inclusivity at FRS – a New Conversation

A message from Rabbi Miriam Berger

On Shabbat Acharei Mot/Kedoshim, the portion contains one of Torah’s “dark texts” – a verse which has perpetuated thousands of year of homophobia.
Last Shabbat 2 May 2020, Dalia Fleming, Executive Director of KeshetUK, challenged us not to remain silent but to allow the rejection of such words to make explicit our values, our identity, and to be actively inclusive. Dalia’s stirring words need to lead us to action. We need to start a piece of work that grapples with our community identity and how we express it, to ensure that we are the truly inclusive community we want to be. We want to invite everyone to be part of this conversation, so if you’d like to be included, then please email to let us know.
Here are three short extracts from the service:

A Study passage from Rabbi Miriam, giving some background into the phrase “dark texts”.


A sermon from Executive Director of KeshetUK, Dalia Fleming

Director of Music Mich Sampson’s rendition of Lady Gaga’s Adon Olam!

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