Young Families

Parenting Pack

Becoming a new parent can be exciting, overwhelming, scary, fun and exasperating.  FRS recognises that. This booklet will inform you of the services we have available at FRS and offer information on local services, support groups and ways to access these directly.Click here for your copy of the booklet

Baby Blessing & Brit Milah (Circumcision)

Mazal Tov on your new arrival! Contact the synagogue office to let us know the details of the newest member of your family.

The Bris or Brit Milah is the covenant of circumcision, the removal of the foreskin as a physical manifestation of the passing on of the covenant with God first made by Abraham on himself and his sons.  Traditionally this ritual takes place on the baby’s eighth day but should be postponed until a doctor declares the child fit enough for this minor procedure.  Although the Brit Milah does not convey Jewish status on to a child it acts as part of the ceremony welcoming the child into the community.  Many parents find the idea of subjecting their perfect new born to this medical procedure very difficult but the chain of tradition is something that has enormous emotional weight attached to it.  Should you require it details of the Reform Mohelim.  However if you would like to talk to a member of our clergy team before your child is born or before going ahead with the ceremony we would all be sensitive to the different circumstances families find themselves in at this time.

If you would like your child to be given their Hebrew name, blessed and welcomed into the community, please contact one of the clergy team or the synagogue office to make arrangements for a baby blessing. These normally take place during a Shabbat morning service.

FRS Baby Group

The aim of the group is to connect members of the community who have new babies (under a year). The group meets on alternate weeks in one of the members' homes to form social bonds between our youngest members and their parents that will mean they build a personal connection to their community from the beginning. They will be more comfortable within the Shul as they have had the chance to get to know other members. We aim to support one another and discuss the issues that arise in new, second, third (or more) time parenthood.
Many new parents go back to work once their baby is 6-9 months old and do not have the opportunity to meet other members in the community at the toddler group. New parents often feel isolated so here at FRS we make sure they are welcomed, included and supported. Our meetings consist mostly of chatting, feeding, changing and coffee drinking.

Parent and Toddler Group

We have a friendly and lively group that meets in the Synagogue hall on Tuesday mornings during school term times from 9.30-11.30am. It is open for children with their parents and carers from birth until two years but is ideally suited to the toddler age. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment as places are limited to 30 children. There is a nominal charge of £3.00 per child which includes refreshments and covers the costs of arts and crafts activities.

Kuddle Up Shabbat

From 4.15 to 5.00pm every Friday we get ready for Shabbat like only under 5's can. We sing and dance, tell stories, say the blessings and then the moment that all the children seem to look forward to, we get to eat some challah!


FRS teenagers are trained youth leaders and some are CRB checked.  If you are looking for a local babysitter please contact the FRS office for the babysitting list.

Kuddle-Up Shabbat with Tevye Torahsaurus

TevyeLearn song for Kuddle-Up Shabbat and come and sing along with is on Fridays at 4.15pm.
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Kindergarten Video

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