Youth Leadership

Hadracha (Leadership) for School Years 9-10

We offer an invaluable youth leadership training programme which enables teenagers to work on summer scheme and at club as well as being teaching assistants at Kochavim. The course is run by our professional youth worker as well as youth leadership experts from the Jewish community.

During the summer term, trainee leaders are expected to gain practical leadership experience by helping out at club and develop their knowledge and skills in follow up sessions (after club). Pizza is provided!

Hadracha (Leadership) for School Years 11-12

Teenagers in years 11 & 12 are encouraged to complete RSY-Netzer's Course Hadracha as, once they do, they are trained to teach at Kochavim, work on RSY-Netzer’s Shemesh summer camps and become Rashim (team leaders) for our schemes and club. 

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